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NO 11 DATE Sep. 08. 2010 HIT 4186
TITLE Volume No. 11


M3 Mobile Newsletter

Wednesday, September 08, 2010 

Issue No. 011-EN



l  M3 News


The Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day) holiday will be celebrated from September 20 (Mon) to 24 (Fri), and M3 will be closed during this period.



Our office and factory will be closed during Sep. 20 (Mon) to 24 (Fri) to celebrate Chuseok when family members who live scattered in distant places get together for a reunion. Chuseok is August 15th according to the lunar calendar and kind of like Thanksgiving Day. M3 employees will celebrate the holidays in their own way and start working from 27th of Sep (Mon).


What’s Chuseok

Chuseok, originally known as Hangawi (from archaic Korean for "great middle"), is a major harvest festival in Korea celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. Like many other harvest festivals, it is held around the Autumn Equinox. As a celebration of the good harvest, Koreans visit their ancestral hometowns and share a feast of Korean traditional food.


Traditional customs

In modern South Korea, on Chuseok there is a mass exodus of Koreans returning to their hometowns to pay respects to the spirits of one's ancestors. People perform ancestral worship rituals early in the morning. They often visit the tombs of their immediate ancestors to trim plants and clean the area around the tomb, and offer food, drink, and crops to their ancestors. Harvest crops are attributed to the blessing of ancestors.

One of the major foods prepared and eaten during the Chuseok holiday is Songpyeon, a crescent-shaped rice cake which is steamed upon pine needles. Other dishes commonly prepared are Japchae, Bulgogi and fruits.



 Global Partner Conference 2010  

will be held at The Ritz-Carlton Seoul Korea on October 4th


Non-Stop and Growing Enterprise Mobility Business with M3!


We plan to hold M3 Global Partner Conference 2010, where our international partners from Europe, USA, Asia-Pacific and Middle East will gather together, and invite our strategic partners who did not attend M3 Global Partner Conference 2009 last year to establish a strong partnership at this exciting event.


When :  October 4, 2010 (Monday)

Where :  The Ritz-Carlton Seoul Korea

What :  Unique opportunity to see, touch and demo M3’s brand new products

and share business ideas and execution strategies.


Through this exciting event, we expect that M3 partners discover and share how you can generate more revenue opportunities through a variety of strategies, applications and partnerships and M3 develops plans as to how we can better support our business partnership in the years to come.





l  Technical Issue: Troubleshooting


1. M3 Green IrDA Port will be produced in ‘disabled’ condition from the shipment dated October 1st, 2010.


When you order M3 Green, please let your account manager know that you need IrDA function, then, they will make your M3 Green produced in ‘enabled’ condition.



2. How to enable JAVA scripting (M3 Sky MC-7700S)


Using JAVA script in WM IE


CE has options for ActiveX.

But not in Windows Mobile. WM does not support ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins.

That's why nothing happens in WM when you click the button.


Fortunately, you can use Opera (Internet web browser) to use java scripts.

It can be downloaded from

Choose an application and download it. - I used "Opera Mobile 10 Touch (Windows Mobile)


I opened Logon from offline folder. - I adjusted the frame size of Logon.html


3. Define Application1 and Application2 for buttons settings (M3 Sky)


Assigning apps to App1 and App2 (Hotkey)





















             "LeftKey" = dword:0

             "RightKey" = dword:0

             "UpKey" = dword:0

             "DownKey" = dword:0

             "TabKey" = dword:0

             "ActionKey" = dword:0

             "ScanKey" = dword:0






l  Technical Issue: FAQ

M3 FAQ list is uploaded in the M3 Technical Support website:


How to update OS via USB Downloader (M3 RED, GREEN)

. Installation

1.     Download ‘OS Downloader’ and OS from our web.

2.     Do Hard Reset M3 (Press reset button around for 4 seconds)

Remember with hard reset you will loose all your data except the one in flash disk.

3.     Press the power button and hold. While the power button is kept pressed, please press the reset button briefly.

4.     Stop pushing power button when screen is on with Vibration.

5.     At this moment you should be able to see ‘Waiting From USB…’ message on M3 screen.

6.     Put PDA on the cradle

7.     ‘Found New Hardware’ message will be displayed on your PC.

8.     New Hardware search wizard for MobileCompia OS Update drive will start automatically.

Select ‘Install from a list specific location (Advanced)’ -> Next

9.     Check the ‘Include this location in the search’ -> Browse -> Assign the 4.0.1 folder that contains the driver. -> OK -> Next.



10.   It will find drivers, just click Next. It will start installing the application.





11.   When it says Insert CD just click ok and on next page it will ask you for a BULKUSB.sys file. Click Search, Go to 4.0.1 folder and assign BULKUSB.sys file. Press ok to continue.









. How to Upload OS

1.     Start the MCUSBDown.exe program in 4.0.1 folder. On that program click open button and assign the OS file you downloaded. -> Click the Download button.





2.     When you see ‘Complete’ message on M3 screen, do Hard Reset and then soft reset again.

And you can see ‘Completed. Make Reset!’ message on M3 screen, then soft reset the M3.






How to update OS via Mini SD Card (M3 RED, GREEN)


Note: Uploading OS image will remove the previous contents in the device completely. Therefore please backup important data before uploading OS image.

- We recommend that device is in charging when processing the boot or OS update.

- Do not detach the battery when processing the boot or OS update.

- Do not reset the device before complete the update process.


1.     OS File Name : T○○○○○○○○.DI Ex) TB1MCST0216EN.DI

2.     Copy the file to SD / MMC Card (Root Folder)

3.     Turn off the power by hard resetting of the device

4.     Insert SD MMC Card into M3 SD Card Slot.

5.     Turn on the power by resetting while the power button is pressed.


6.     On the screen the message, saying “Reading Image From Card”, will be displayed and OS install is complete by resetting when the message. “Image Upgrade Complete!” is displayed on the screen.

7.     After OS update, Please Download the Flash Disk and unzip the file. Then copy to My device -> Flash Disk path on the device and reset the device.






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