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NO 12 DATE October. 06. 2010 HIT 4501
TITLE Volume No. 12


M3 Mobile Newsletter

Wednesday, October 06, 2010 

Issue No. 011-EN



l  M3 News


M3 Mobile hosted M3 Global Partner Conference 2010 in Seoul



M3 Global Partner Conference 2010 was held in the Ritz-Carlton Seoul Korea on October 4th and this year, 27 M3 partners coming from 13 countries got together to attend the conference.


The slogan of M3 Global Partner Conference is ‘Non-Stop and Growing Enterprise Mobility Business with M3’. In order to realize our moto "Your Best Mobile Business Partner", we make a ceaseless effort to develop through strategic partnership and the conference enabled our partnership to really grow in quality through sharing the vision and communicating opinions. M3 new system such as order & production system and marketing policy and M3 brand new products were introduced in the conference and we will keep following details up through M3 Newsletter.



Please do not hesitate to tell us what you think to improve our conference and more questions because of a lack of time to review the issues in the conference. We are willing to accept your precious suggestion and reply to your queries.


In the world competitive market, M3 mobile and M3 partners should resolve the problems that need effective strategies and getting information to advance the market with corporate partnership. We can grow the win-win development under the mutual corporation. Indeed, it needs lasting monitoring and satisfying customer's needs to react market circumstance.


M3 Mobile is in the firm belief that we can grow mutual benefits with M3 partners. Through M3 Global Conference 2010, we promised to strengthen the bonds of relationship between the partners. We also encouraged each other through sharing precious know-how and solutions.


It is obvious that M3 mobile has been developed through your sincere aid and efforts. We make a solemn promise that promotes mutual growth with advanced service and products' quality.


Sung-Jea Cho

President & CEO

M3 Mobile Co., Ltd.



M3 New Order System takes effect on November 1


We arrange M3 new order system and it comes into operation on November 1. This is for preventing the order errors between M3 Mobile and M3 partners and increasing business process efficiency and convenience by providing standard delivery lead-time to M3 partners.


M3 new order system’s basic policy is as below:

1)    Provide M3 representative products order code and decrease the number of optional items

2)    Fix M3 standard delivery lead time according to shipping volume

Order Quantity


~ 100pcs

Within 2weeks after receipt of P/O

~ 300pcs

Within 4weeks after receipt of P/O

300pcs ~

Within 8weeks after receipt of P/O

For example, equipped with Intermec Scanner or Bluetooth only>

Minimum Order Quantity



More than 8weeks after receipt of P/O

3)    Shipping date will be noticed by account manager accordingly.


M3 representative order code and more details will be announced in the next M3 Newsletter.

We will apply this M3 new order system in M3 ERP system after operating a pilot program for a while.



With sincerely regret, our deliveries were delayed these days and caused inconveniences and difficulties to our partners. As you may know, the over-heated competition among Smartphone manufactures resulted in creating a components shortage and M3 Mobile was also affected by the shortage of parts in spite of our efforts to ship your orders in time. To shorten the delivery and improve M3 order system, M3 Mobile has a plan to have sufficient quantities in stock. We are doing our best to organize the better M3 system. Again, I apologize for your inconvenience and thank you for your patience for the delay.


Sung-Jea Cho

President & CEO

M3 Mobile Co., Ltd.


Smartphones face parts bottleneck.

Manufactures underestimated global demand for the new devices, creating a components shortage.

September 27, 2010 by JoongAng Daily of Korean Newspaper


(대리님, 영문 링크입니다)




l  Technical Issue: Troubleshooting


M3 Sky : Error Message Displayed


Symptoms: ‘Unrecognized Card’ error message


M3 provides separate OS for Samsung WLAN and Summit WLAN. The error message popped up because the user used wrong OS. It will be resolved if update with correct OS.



M3 Sky : LCD does not work when replaced the old LCD with the new one


It is caused by the OS compatibility. It will work as normal if new OS, which supports the new LCD, is installed.





l  Technical Issue: FAQ

M3 FAQ list is uploaded in the M3 Technical Support website:


Using VBscript in WM Devices

In general, VBscript is not supported in Windows Mobile OS.

However, VBscript can be run by following the below procedure.

1.     Installing from Optional Windows Mobile 5 Server Components downloadable from
This will get ASP pages written in JavaScript to work.

To get VBScript, and not just JavaScript, to work on ASP pages, download RuntimeFat.ppc.exe. This is the same as Runtime.ppc.exe for 7.0, except it also installs the standard ActiveX controls. Approx 4.7 Mb.
Download from and install. The downloaded package is part of an IDE that allows user to do BASIC-like development on their PocketPC. Somehow it installs and registers \windows\vbscript.dll so ASP could run the script properly.



RFID Specification

RFID output power (MC-7510, MC-7710):

200mW (without antenna) / around 0.7W (with antenna) RMS


Frequency Band

LFID (Low Frequency Identification)

120 ~ 140 kHz

HFID (High Frequency Identification)

13.56 MHz

UHFID (Ultrahigh Frequency Identification)

868 ~ 956 MHz




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