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NO 17 DATE January. 28. 2011 HIT 3411
TITLE Volume No. 17


January. 28. 2011. Volume No.17



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Accessory Manual Release



M3 Mobile has been updating the Accessory Manuals. Among them, Single-Slot Cradle Manuals and Pistol Grip Manuals have been released. Single-Slot Cradle is divided into USB cradle and Ethernet cradle, but we made a single manual as combined one, regardless of its separation. Four Single-Slot Cradle Manuals for M3 SKY (compatible with M3 RED and GREEN), MM3, M3 T and M3 OX10 are released through TS webpage.

Also, Pistol Grip Manuals for M3 SKY (compatible with M3 RED, GREEN and OX10) and MM3 are available. Each Accessory Manuals contain detailed description of accessorys main parts and its specifications.

The most remarkable point of these renewal manuals is that FAQ is included for ease of usage and convenience.

We expect that it will be a very useful material for M3 product users.



2011-01-17 16.53.06








New Flash Disk Package Release


M3 FAQ ver.2.0 Release

Flash Disk Packages for Windows CE devices (M3 GREEN and M3T) and Windows Mobile devices (M3 SKY and MM3) will be released later today, 28th January. In the Flash Disk package zip file, an application manual is included to guide the user to setup the device and use application such as ScanEmul correctly. The manual contains total of 7 applications: StartUp Guide, Scanner, Imager, Camera, RFID, WLANTray and AppCenter. Each chapter contains several example codes and/or still shot images. Furthermore, all images are listed in the order with detailed descriptions so that users can easily understand and use this Application Manual by just following step by step.



Updated FAQ is going to be released. The frequently asked questions at Technical support webpage are divided into sections and products for convenience of search. There are some changes; more than 30 new contents are added in this updated FAQ ver2.0 and FAQs regarding the applications are dropped. The contents related to applications such as scanner, imager, RFID, etc are now listed in the Application Manual.

Whenever, you have a question, first scheme through the FAQ. You will find a lot of useful information. By looking through the FAQ, you can save your precious time waiting for answers from support webpage.



SDK Package Release for M3 SKY and MM3

In the last issue, M3 Newsletter Vol. 16, we had dealt with the release of SDK package for M3 GREEN and M3 T. And the SDK package for M3 SKY / MM3 is finally released recently through TS webpage on 25th January, 2011. Most of the SDK included in the package is shared between M3 SKY and MM3. However, since M3 SKY does not support long range scanner and RFID is not supported in MM3, those SDKs are only to be used with the specified terminal.

Meanwhile, the contents of the released SDK packages, M3 GREEN and M3 T, are reviewed to provide higher quality SDKs. Moreover, SDK packages for M3 OX10 and POS will be released in the future.





How to change Wallpaper(WinCE) or Today Screen(Windows Mobile)?



In WinCE devices such as M3 GREEN and T, the background image can be changed in two ways:



Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile devices also provide manual method and automatic method.



<Manual Method>




<Manual Method>


1. Press and hold the stylus at the desktop until the pop-up menu appears.



1. Go to[Start]->[Settings] then click on Today icon.







2. From the menu, select Properties to enter Display Properties. Then, click Browse and select the file.



2. To use a picture as the background, check on the checkbox at the bottom of the page. Then select preferred image.







3. Click OK to finish changing wallpaper.



3. Then, click OK to finish the background image.












1. Open M3.ini which is located in \Flash Disk\StartUp.

2. At [WALLPAPER] section, change Install to 1 and specify the path of theimage. For example, set as below and reset the device.

                  Desktop=\Flash Disk\Splash.bmp



In Windows Mobile, changing the screen using M3.ini is not supported. To change the background image in automatic manner, please refer to the below link:




ActiveSync between device and Windows 7

Windows 7 and under level of WinCE5.0 cannot be compatible with M3 GREEN and RED as well.

If OS is upper level of XP, MobileDeviceCenter must be installed to activesync with M3 OX10.

Please download and install the WinCE driver from MobileDeviceCenter.

Link : MobileDeviceCenter




M3 Mobile will celebrate Korean New Years Day holiday from February 2 to 6. February 2nd is January 1st in the lunar calendar. During this period, every work is scheduled to stop and resume again on next Monday, 7th. Sorry for your inconvenience and we promise to keep doing our best all the time.



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