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NO 19 DATE March. 25. 2011 HIT 4214
TITLE Volume No. 19


March. 25. 2011. Volume No.19



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M3 Product***


Quick Manual only in Package

QUICK MANUAL will be included in M3 Product Package from the upcoming April, instead of CD for ActiveSync and User Manual.

User Manual can be downloaded from Technical Support Webpage in Manuals section. Also, it is going to be included in Flash Disk as well so that users can easily start and use the M3 product with only one download.

We promise to provide more upgraded User Manuals for M3 Product users.

Meanwhile, because there is no more CD, please download the ActiveSync from Microsoft webpage to activesync with PC.


Download : link

Download : link (Windows Vista and 7).



M3 POS SDK Package release

M3 POS SDK package is released today. M3 POS is the only device which has payment system among M3 products. Its SDK package, like other SDK packages that have been released, contains tutorials and explanations for Bluetooth, Camera, Scanner and RFID functions and added contents of MSR, IC Card and Printer.

M3 Mobile has been packaging SDKs for developers’ convenience and efficiency and we hope our effort makes a small but helpful progress for you.



OS naming rule

Recently, issues that are related OS update have been increased. Wrong OS update may cause severe problems to device so that it can result in RMA.

For this reason, we are going to look into the Naming Rule of OS. Please refer to below description (SKY basis).

Especially, please pay attention for a red rectangle including three numbers. These numbers differentiate the device between Samsung WLAN and Summit WLAN. Between them, the OS IS NOT COMPATIBLE each other so please make sure your WLAN type matches with OS that you are going to update.





SKY Improved for external memory card


External memory card issues that SKY (MC-7100S/7500S/7700S) product cannot recognize some specific models have occurred. Therefore, M3 Mobile will apply a modified version and make a shipment from late April.


There are a lot of different kinds of memory card in worldwide and its hardware specifications are different depending on the manufacturers and/or manufactured time. So there have been some difficulties to recognize and read the memory cards. But we are expecting to solve this issue with M3 SKY device which by modifying in hardware.

On the other hand, we do not find any related issues with new other M3 products so far and confirm to use external memory cards.








There are two ways of updating OS in M3 OX10:

1.     MicroSD Method

2.     USB Method

Use fully charged battery or AC power while OS update process.
Every information or configurations will be removed after OS update.

1. OS Update via MicroSD card

  1. Copy OS update files: logo.bmp, MOBM_bc.nb0, EBOOT.nb0, IPL.bin, FLASH.bin to root folder of microSD card. Then insert the SD card to the device.

    Caution: When SD card is used for OS update, SDHC is not supported and the capacity should be less than 2G.
  2. [PBOOT v 1.3.4 MENU]

    1: USB Update

    2: SD Update

    3: Clean Boot

    4: Factory Reset

    5: Debug Msg

    6: Device ID


    Select Number

    0: Exit


    PXA320 806MHz,256M/256M

    Turn off the device by pressing the power button for approximately 10 seconds.
    Then, while pressing the right arrow button, press reset button at the back of device to enter the boot menu.
                               PBOOT Menu Example

3.     Select SD update to update OS. When OS update is complete, reset the device.

2. OS Update via USB Downloader

1. OS update via USB Downloader is NOT supported in Vista or Windows7.
2. Driver installation only needs to be done for the first time.

I. Driver Installation

  1. Download the USBDownloader and OS update files to your PC.
    It can be downloaded from
  2. [PBOOT v 1.3.4 MENU]

    1: USB Update

    2: SD Update

    3: Clean Boot

    4: Factory Reset

    5: Debug Msg

    6: Device ID


    Select Number

    0: Exit


    PXA320 806MHz,256M/256M

    Turn off the device by pressing the power button for approximately 10 seconds.
    Then, while pressing the right arrow button, press power button to enter boot menu.
                               PBOOT Menu Example

  3. From the boot menu, press ‘1’ to select USB Update. Connect USB Cable... message will display on the screen.
  4.  Place M3 OX10 on the cradle and connect to a PC via USB cable. ‘Found New Hardware’ message will be displayed on your PC.
  5. If the device is connected to the PC for the first time, Microsoft windows will start New Hardware Wizard automatically. From the options, choose “No, not this time”, then click “Next>” to proceed.
  6. Choose “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)” option then proceed.
  7. Check “Include this location in the search:” option then, specify the location of the folder which contains the driver files: M3BlackUSB.sys, M3Black.inf.
  8. When the warning window appears, click “Continue Anyway”.
  9. Then, click 'Finish' to complete driver installation.

II. Update

  1. When it is ready, run USBLoad.exe
  2. Click on Open button as indicated on the image to load necessary files.

    Please load files in the following order:
    a. logo.bmp          b. MOBM_bc.nb0  c. EBOOT.nb0       d. IPL.bin             e. FLASH.bin
  3. When all files are loaded, click Download to start OS update.
  4. Reset the device when OS update is complete




M3 Building 735-45 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea 135-923
Tel. +82 2 574 0037  Fax . +82 2 558 1253


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