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NO 34 DATE June. 25. 2012 HIT 4272
TITLE Volume No. 34
June 25, 2012. Volume No. 34
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M3 News

M3 OX10 Certified for SOTI MobiControl.

Finally M3 OX10 is certified for SOTI MobiControl Version 9.03 B7800, many things have been tested to certify M3 OX10’s compatibility with SOTI’s MobiControl, and M3 ORNAGE is now officially certified for MobiControl. It’s skin has already been applied for MobiControl, SOTI MobiControl is the best selling enterprise mobile device management solution, is equipped with an array of features to enable corporate IT departments to manage, support, secure and track enterprise and employee-owned mobile devices.

Marketing Material Update

M3 OX10, M3 SMART ANATEL Certification

M3 OX10 and M3 SMART now has ANATEL certification, so we now have added, it’s logo on our product brochure, now you can use M3’s products with ANATEL certification.

M3 OX10 Brochure Download
M3 SMART Brochure Download

Product Review

We already have marketing material called brochure, but we thought there could be someone out there willing to get detailed technical information of our product, so we have added Product Review in marketing material line-up. There are now 3 different products reviews.

M3 OX10 Download
M3 SMART Download
M3 SKY Download

They contain detailed information for each product, so please download them and have a look.

Release Info.

Released OS

OS Version Release Date Boot Version Device Language
B1MCST0279CSHW 2012-06-15 B512MCAC212 M3 GREEN(MC-6300s) CHN


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