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NO 38 DATE 2012.11.26 HIT 3466
TITLE Volume No. 38
November 26, 2012. Volume No. 38
M3 NEWS M3 Product Troubleshooting FAQ Case Study Release Info.

M3 News

Clearer display available on M3 OX10

VGA (640 x 480 pixels) provides clearer display with four times as many pixels compare to 320 x 240 QVGA LCD. Due to its advantages over QVGA display, there were many requests and demand for VGA display from the market.

Therefore, M3 implemented VGA LCD on M3 OX10 by replacing the old QVGA LCD with VGA LCD. Since the physical LCD module is modified, different OS must be installed on the PDA. To quickly identify the correct OS version, please check 6th letter of the OS version. Example is shown below.


As many of you have guessed, installing incorrect OS version, many result in defective display. User caution required while reinstalling or updating the OS. However, the default option for M3 OX10 is QVGA. Please consult your account manager if you need VGA display.

New Marketing Material

M3 had released marketing materials called Product Specification Sheet which include detailed technical specification of M3 Mobile products. Whenever, M3 modifies existing PDAs or launches new lineup, it will be updated. For M3 OX10, VGA display and new battery information is added. To browse new marketing documents, please download either from our Homepage Download Center (LINK) or by directly clicking on the images below.

M3 Product

M3 SKY with MicroSD

Changing SD card slot from MiniSD to MicroSD in M3 SKY had been announced in August 2012. However, the date for availability was not informed on the newsletter.

MicroSD will be the default SD card slot from December of 2012. If you require M3 SKY with MiniSD, please inform your account manager when placing a new order.

Release Info.

Released OS

OS Version Release Date Boot Version Device Language
B1ST0005FR 2012-11-09 Mboot V.9.1.1 M3 SKY+
B1STG005FR 2012-11-09 Mboot V.9.1.1 M3 SKY+
B1ST0818EN 2012-11-13 Mboot V.9.1.1 M3 SKY
M2STHQF165EN 2012-11-13 Pboot V.1.4.1F M3 OX10 ENG
B1ST0108EN 2012-11-13 Mboot V.4.1.7 M3 SKY+
B1ST0219EN 2012-11-13 Mboot V 4.1.7 M3 SKY
B1ST0005EN 2012-11-13 Mboot V.9.1.1 M3 SKY+
M2STHVF165RU 2012-11-14 Pboot V.1.4.1F M3 OX10 RUS


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