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NO 39 DATE 2013.01.25 HIT 3448
TITLE Volume No. 39
January 25, 2013. Volume No. 39
M3 NEWS M3 Product Troubleshooting FAQ Case Study Release Info.

M3 News

U.S. federal government procurement vendor SAM registration

M3 has been issued with the NCAGE Code and DUNS Number and registered SAM for U.S. federal government procurement. The System for Award Management (SAM) is a Federal Government owned and operated free web site that consolidates the capabilities in CCR/FedReg, ORCA, and EPLS. Future phases of SAM will add the capabilities of other systems used in Federal procurement and awards processes. M3 will be continuing on ways to advance into foreign market through the SAM.

Service Package & Service Manual release

M3Mobile has released the Post-sales maintenance and care services called Service Package in order to provide the best services and support in both pre- and post-sales. Service Package benefits Comprehensive, extended coverage. Covering accidental breakage virtually eliminates unexpected repair costs. Besides, Service package offers professional customer services in both software and hardware. Also, customer can download lots of useful information and receive premium care services. There are Five different package options as below. With various packages, you can choose turnaround time to suit your needs.

Coverage Warranty Extended Bronze Silver Gold
Period 1Year 1Year 3 or 5 Years 3 or 5 Years 3 or 5 Years
Manufacturer defect only
Normal wear and tear - -
All materials, parts and labor - - -
Accidental breakage - - -
Repair turnaround time 10days 10days 5days 5days 3days
Software service pack updates
Online technical support

All customers are eligible to purchase the service package with M3 PDAs. Service package offer is valid for 60 days after purchase of PDA.
Please consult your account manager or TS manager if you need Service Package. For more detail, please download Service Package Brochure from here.

* Service package policy and value can vary depending on the location and surrounding environments. Please contact your account manager or technical support manager for more details.

New Maintenance Policy for DOA/RMA

New M3 Mobile’s maintenance policy is applied from year 2013.
It is included to change accessory repairing policy, shipping cost, repair cost and so on. M3 is putting all our effort to make the product in best quality with long lasting to support your business as efficient and creative as it can be. Whenever, you need assistance with software development, repair or replacement of the PDA, please contact either your M3 account manager or TS manager. M3’s professional engineers and technicians will support you to troubleshoot your obstacles. To browse new maintenance policy for DOA/RMA, please check either from our ITC Homepage Board (LINK).

Release Info.

Released OS

OS Version Boot Version Device Language
B1ST0818XX Mboot V 9.1.1 M3 SKY CN / KR / EN / JP / FR
B1STG818XX Mboot V 9.1.1 M3 SKY FR / EN / CN
M2ST0QF165XX PBOOT V 1.4.1F M3 OX10 JP / CN / DE
M2STHQF165XX PBOOT V 1.4.1F M3 OX10 JP / CN / DE
B1STH219XX Mboot V 4.1.7 M3 SKY CN / EN / FR / DE
B1NTH219JP Mboot V 4.1.7 M3 SKY JP


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