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NO 41 DATE 2013.06.26 HIT 3744
TITLE Volume No. 41
June 25, 2013. Volume No. 41
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M3 devices are provided pre-licensed SAP Afaria solution

SAP with M3Mobile has signed agreement to provide Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. This agreement allows M3 to deploy devices with the pre-licensed SAP Afaria Solution, giving M3 rugged PDAs a unique and critical competitive edge through extended security services and comprehensive management capabilities by corporate customers.

* Actual product details may vary with the above image

Enterprise Mobility plays a vital role in the strategy of many large organizations. Companies need to manage and secure both corporate and employee-owned mobile devices which are widely deployed. This is also combined with the growing demand of rugged mobile computers for many companies. To better meet both needs at the same time, M3 and SAP partnered to provide pre-licensed SAP Afaria solution on all available M3 products.

M3 will be able to support to customer with SAP Afaria as below.

  • Can manage as many PDAs as you like depend on server.
  • Can check Real-time PDA status
  • File transfer, Process control, Task scheduling, Session script support for maintenance and logging the history

Futhermore, M3 is set to launch a new product, M3 OX10+ on 30 June, 2013. After this date M3 customers will receive, at no additional cost, the industry leading SAP Afaria Solution and technical support, under the terms of the agreement. M3 and SAP together, M3 expect M3 devices will be able to be managed more efficiently and accurately.
For more details, please contact your account manager or technical support engineer.


Launching official standard M3 OX10+

M3 OX10+ is finally going to be launched at the end of June. M3 OX10+ is all new upgraded version of M3 OX10 in both hardware and software. The big differences between M3 OX10+ and OX10 are OS and CPU.

M3 OX10+ OS is upgraded from Windows Mobile 6.5 to Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 and CPU is Cortex-A8 833MHz. M3 OX10+ is built to the highest standards, offering you the latest in technology.
Especially, battery lock will be replaced with slide type instead of previous rotate type for customer satisfaction. Also, M3 OX10+ user will receive more efficiently and accurately technical support with SAP Afaria Solution, under the terms of the agreement. The CE version of M3 OX10+ will be launched soon in order to meet the customer needs in more various areas.

For further information of M3 OX10+, please consult your account manager.


M3 obtain order in China with M3 OX10+

M3 with M3 OX10+ made a splendid achievement of obtaining order the twenty thousand units in China including China EMS. China EMS has established a continuously growing network, which links the world, covers the whole nation and connects rural areas with cities. The network now reaches over 200 countries and regions and up to 2000 domestic cities. The company now employs over 20,000 professional courier staff and more than 15,000 specialized courier collection and delivery vehicles.

Also, M3 OX10+ is offering more than ten thousand units to DPD in Germany and Benelux. With the transport of 2.5 million parcels a day in a seamless international network, DPD (Dynamic Parcel Distribution) is one of the leading international express and parcel service providers. The customer in Germany more than 70,000 rely on DPD's services. At over 800 depots more than 24,000 employees and 18,000 vehicles are at the service of 300,000 business customers.

M3 is proud to assist our clients with leading technologies and products. M3 will keep concentrate to provide better products with specific features that users need.

Release Info.

Released OS

OS Version Boot Version Device Language
B1ST0V652EN Mboot V 6.7.8 MM3 EN
MPSTC5043KO 1.45 M3 POS EN / KR


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