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NO 42 DATE 2013.07.26 HIT 1993
TITLE Volume No. 42
July 26, 2013. Volume No. 42
M3 NEWS M3 Product Troubleshooting FAQ Case Study Release Info.


Mr. Cho attended a meeting with The President

Mr. Cho (M3 Mobile CEO) attended a ‘Trade-Investment Promotion Meeting’ with Geun-hye Park, the first Korean female President. This is major Government conference what is decided economic policy in key area. Mr. Cho sat next to President as one of main speaker honorably. He had attended the same conference with former President, Myung-bak Lee. There have been intensive discussions about the investment financing for the enterprises.

Korean government decided to have this meeting every quarter to enforce Korean companies for exporting goods.

M3 Mobile received governmental award called Jang Bo-go for successive business model last month and by attending this presidential meeting, M3’s prestige soared once again.

M3 Marketing Material Update Information

M3 had released marketing materials for new product M3 OX10+.

The list of the updated marketing materials are:
M3 OX10+ Brochure, M3 OX10+ Product Specification Sheet.

The customer can find the detailed technical specification of product with The Product Specification Sheet. To browse new marketing documents, please download either from our Homepage Download Center (LINK) or by directly clicking on the right

Deploying Symbol 1D scanner as default

It is well knows that Symbol scanner is very good in performance.

To supply better product to our clients, M3 have decided to deploy Symbol scanner as a default 1D scanner engine.

Our internal test showed that Symbol scanner has better performance in

  • Barcode density
  • Reading distance
  • Damaged barcodes
  • and many other advantages
compared to formerly deployed scanner.

We are sure that this change will omprove your satisfaction.

Release Info

UNI SDK Ver.1.1.0 release information

M3 plans to release the combined SDK called UNI SDK Ver.1.1.0 on August. This SDK can be used for all M3 devices including our latest product, M3 OX10+, and it supports C#.NET and C++.

Major changes are:

  • M3 OX10+ support
  • Symbol scanner support
  • System SDK improvement
  • Gyro sensor control for M3 SMART
For more detailed information, please refer to release note in SDK manual.

Released OS

OS Version Boot Version Device Language
C2STH6598KO 1.0.1 M3 SMART KR
S4STHV6121XX 1.1.4 M3 OX10+ KR / EN / DE / TW / JP / RU / FR / SP / CN
MTST(C/H)5059XX EBOOT_1.22 M3 T KR / EN

Latest version of OS can be downloaded from Information & Technology Center (ITC) webpage download section. ITC webpage download page <link>


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