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NO 50 DATE March 2015 HIT 1827
TITLE Volume No. 50





March 2015. Volume No. 50






Contract News! Delivery of M3 OX10+ RFID to Australia’s railway—confirmed!



M3 won the final bidding hosted by PTV (Public Transport Victoria) wherein it beat world-class competitors and was selected as the final supplier. The selected product is OX10+, the built-in terminal of HF RFID.

The winning is attributed to the following factors: track records of successful delivery and operation of about 5,000 terminals to global public transports such as Sweden, Sydney Railway, etc. for years; stable performance and quality of the terminal as verified through the two-month project field test; and the embedded HF RFID module as well as the powerful and compact design. The company’s design is seen as its strongest point that became a major factor for obtaining the order.

According to the project schedule, the first delivery of 1,100 units was completed as a lump in February of this year. The second additional delivery is scheduled in the second half of the year. As a terminal for the “myki” card checking and ticketing, OX10+ RFID is expected to be used in entire railways, buses, and trams in Victoria, Australia.


 M3 OX10+ RFID





















DPD, one of largest courier company in Europe, has purchased over 30,000 M3 terminals! The first additional delivery of 6,000 units was decided in 2015!

DPD Group, one of largest courier company in Europe, selected M3 as its exclusive supplier in 2015. The additional purchase of 6,000 OX10+ units was determined, wherein 3,000 units have already been delivered. Until now, a total of 30,000 units of the M3 series—M3 SKY, M3 OX10+, and others—have already been delivered for eight years since 2007 when 3,000 units of Green were first supplied to the DPD Group. Products delivered to DPD were distributed to DPD Packet Shops located throughout Europe, such as the U.K., France, Germany, Benelux, and so forth, for use in parcel scanning and delivery. It is thought that the use of M3’s industrial mobile computer has increased the stability of courier service systems, thus contributing to the sales increase.

DPD’s CEO, Magdelénat Diego, says that he definitely recommends M3 MOBILE’s products as on the whole, they are quite satisfactory in terms of technology, product performance and stability, technical support services, and other related aspects compared with other industrial brand terminals. In particular, this order equals the repurchase of M3 products, which has been acknowledged to meet user satisfaction for the past eight years. As such, this order is very meaningful. M3 is taking this successful delivery to DPD as an opportunity to establish business with the French post office, Chronopost.






















A special Early Bird promotion is coming soon for the unveiling of M3 SM10! Don’t miss out!


For the unveiling of M3 SM10, the full-touch Android terminal of M3 MOBILE, an “Early Bird” promotion is consequently being prepared to commemorate its launch amidst the acclaim and interests of the company’s partners.

Unlike the existing industrial trend that is centered on performance rather than design, M3 SM10 is focused on design convenience for users with a greater durability reinforcement. As such, the expectation in its marketability is increasing. According to Mr. Nadeem Khan, the chief manager of Interlink and M3’s partner in the Middle East, “the market positively acknowledges the rugged designs such as the application of often-used buttons to physical keys, the adoption of Gorilla Glass 3, among others. Currently, SM10 test samples are on standby for use in four projects including Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola”. He also said, “Because M3 SM10 features not just compact design but also a proper combination of functions that are most needed in industrial settings, it can be suitable for entire industries.”


As SM10 is going to be released next month, the special Early Bird promotion to commemorate its launch is expected to be held from this month. During the promotion, SM10 can be bought at a discounted price. The Early Bird promotion will be announced through the company’s newsletter.

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With VIPs of Coca Cola




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