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NO 51 DATE April 2015 HIT 2087
TITLE Volume No. 51





April 2015. Volume No. 51






Contract News!  M3 OX10 S Delivered to FIDE Mexico!




M3 Mobile supplied 650 units of M3 OX10 S to Fideicomiso para el Ahorro de Energía Eléctrica (FIDE; trust funds for saving electrical energy), who are in charge of the entire energy strategy project for the Mexican government and private enterprises. FIDE says they chose the M3 product because it is light and easy to use, its specifications are easily modifiable according to the customer’s request. Technical assistance for the product is available in Mexico, and it enjoys high customer satisfaction.

Discona, the final delivery point of FIDE, owns 23,000 warehouses throughout Mexico and supplies food and related materials.   This time, Discona purchased M3 OX10 S to manage and record inventory and distribution for a project of replacing old light bulbs with new energy-efficient ones in old warehouses.

FIDE expects to proceed with projects for fluorescent light bulbs, air conditioners, and other energy-efficient products. 

FIDE is likely to purchase more M3 OX10 devices in the future as it sees the effectiveness of improved inventory and record management along the supply chain.








텍스트 상자: UL10 on the market from June!


M3 Mobile, in response of customer feedback, plans to alter the design and structure of UL10 by putting together the improvement points to increase customer satisfaction.



Ø    Durability: improve the body for great performance in a tough environment

Ø    Design: overall improvement of design (front, back, key, bumper, etc.)

Ø    Ergonomics: improvement of battery and pistol grip structure


Improvement in design will be carried out rather holistically. Improvement of the front, back, keys (37 keys / 55 keys), and bumper will be made. The keypad colour and the bumper structure that looks loose and weak will be changed. Next, the fastener structure will also be changed for easy replacement of the battery while wearing gloves. Finally, the pistol grip will be changed to fit the new structure.

These improvements will help lessen the fatigue felt in the wrist of workers when the product is used for many hours. The UL10 will be a stronger product that can be used in a harsh environment. The development and improvement of durability, convenience, and design of UL10 began in March and be completed in May, and it will start to be produced and sold to customers in June.











텍스트 상자: Visit a Partner Company

Maxatec is a renowned company with 40 business years in HHT (PDA), printers, and mobile computing solutions in the United Kingdom. Since 2014, Maxatec and M3 Mobile has maintained a cooperative relationship upon executing their VAD contract.


In an interview, Mr. Steve Berry, CEO of Maxatec, said, M3 is  a reliable partner because it has local sales offices, technical engineers and provides a prompt service. I feel sorry it is not so well known because of a lack of PR. Our customers are highly satisfied with M3 products in terms of price and quality.


Now, M3 OX10 Plus products are selling well, however, I expect M3 Black products with their excellent design and performance to sell better in the near future.” With this vision, Maxatec have a salesman exclusively for M3 products.  M3 is seeking ways to promote the brand and products through various channels and plans to hold a conference, M3 Day, with Maxatec in the second half of the year.






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