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NO 52 DATE June 2015 HIT 2718
TITLE Volume No. 52





June 2015. Volume No. 52








Coupang!!  SM10 Choice



Coupang is the top customer-oriented, social commerce company in Korea. With its rapid growth since its foundation in August 2010, it is now acknowledged as the most influential powerhouse in its respective business. 


Recently, it has laid its foundation for growth as an e-commerce company by successfully attracting a large-scale investment from the global IT company SoftBank Corporation, amounting to USD 1 billion (KRW 1.1 trillion).


Masayoshi Son, chairman and CEO of Softbank Corp., said, “SoftBank Corporation will make progress by investing in Internet enterprises all over the world and by ceaselessly supporting innovative entrepreneurs who do not hesitate to challenge risks. We will help the Korean e-commerce firm Coupang achieve greater innovation.”


Coupang is planning to further expand R & D centers in other countries including the center currently operated in Silicon Valley to upgrade its IT technology into the global level. Moreover, it will employ top-notch developers locally and abroad to maintain its world-class mobile platforms and technical competence that goes beyond the No. 1 position in the domestic market.


It also said it would expedite infrastructure construction for ongoing nationwide direct and same-day delivery services. Korea’s largest logistics center in Incheon, which spans 99,173 square meters, is under construction and is scheduled to be completed in 2016 in conjunction with the construction of 8 more logistics centers, adding to the original 8 (a total of 16). In addition to infrastructure construction, the efficiency of direct delivery services will be maximized though investment in logistics IT systems designed for operating the infrastructure. Accordingly, the introduction of new terminals is being considered for the purpose of providing more accurate and rapid services.


To implement Coupang’s new strategy labeled “Rocket Delivery,” it was required to work on issues arising from business because of the inadequate follow-up management of the existing terminals. M3 Mobile’s smart terminal SM10 is used as an action plan to resolve the issues. Consequently, W-LAN environments can be easily accessed even inside large Coupang logistics centers, and important users can comfortably use products through the 5-inch full touch screen.

Why choose M3 SM10?


1)     Positive performance of the W-LAN module.

2)     5 full touch-screen–enhancing readability.

3)     Outstanding hardware specs compared to that of other companies

4)     Swift and accurate support for after-sales service




M3 Mobile’s SM10 has already drawn attention and glowing reviews from partners before its release to the market because of how it focuses on customer-centered convenient design—a characteristic  that is different from the trend of existing industries, which tend to focus more on performance rather than design. Moreover, durability has been further strengthened, thus leading to people’s greater excitement and expectations toward the introduction of the terminal.  


Orders for the initial production of 1,000 terminals for the warehouse have already been placed. Also, another production of 3,000 terminals for the vehicle scheduled in July is also expected to be sold out because of the rush of preorders. This proves that having a rugged design can be positively evaluated in the market, and an appropriate combination of compact design and performance essential to industrial settings is suitable for all kinds of people in all types of industries. Therefore, it is anticipated that M3 Mobile’s SM10 will achieve innovative outcomes in the PDA terminal market.



Interpark INT uses M3 BLACK for a ticketing service!

Interpark INT, one of the Korea’s largest open markets, is a leader in the domestic e-commerce market and a specialized distributor. It has been expanding its businesses ranging from online purchase to tour package and ticket reservation service. It has purchased M3 BLACK to replace old equipment with its aim to provide new services for VIP customers who are set to see football, baseball, and basketball games this 2015.


After the use of M3 terminals, the gate exclusive for VIPs with a season pass is used so that they can easily and quickly enter stadiums, which contributes to overall customer satisfaction. When entering the stadium, customers can deliver special notes through the PDA, which used to be recorded, and data on customers in the stadium are transferred to the main server in real time and efficiently used for notifying events or totaling materials during the game.


1)     Quick ticketing on the spot

2)     Ticketing data are transferred to the main server in real time and efficiently used for notifying events or totaling materials.

3)     Season pass and VIP customer management



Market type: Distribution

Device Specifications


PDA Options: WLAN, SCANNER, Bluetooth


Why choose M3 terminals?

1)      They are 100% made in Korea, and after-sales service for the products is fast.

2)      M3 BLACK has satisfactory durability and an excellent design

3)      Serves as an excellent scanner



On-site technical education for partners in Latin America

M3 Mobile sent its engineers to conduct technical education for partners in Latin America from the 18th to the 22nd of May, 2015.


This was held with the aim to support after-sales services, build reliability with customers, and facilitate sales. The event included technical assistance training that explained the assembly and disassembly processes of terminals and the use of software and ITC sites.    It also included the demonstration of new products.

This informative education program gave

participants opportunities to directly assemble and disassemble terminals, and share their experience while having great fun at the same time.


Partner companies were very satisfied with this on-site education, showed more enthusiastic attention to M3 Mobile’s products, and said that they would make more efforts in product promotion and sales.



Thus, it is highly deemed that if they anticipate more opportunities similar to this technical education program, this will work to M3 Mobile’s advantage over other terminal competitors that provide different technical support and after-sales service, thereby leading to a boost in sales. Another technical education program will be conducted for partners in the M3 Germany branch office from the 23rd to the 24th of June, 2016, and subsequently, periodical workshops and seminars are also scheduled to be held.

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Seoul, Korea 135-923

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