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NO 0 DATE 01/10/2018 HIT 538


[Doc.# : 181002-01]

Attn : All Partners, All Distributors

Date : Oct 2, 2018

Subject : Announcement of SIM Socket change in SM15

This notice serves as M3 Mobile’s plan to change SIM Socket in SM15 model starting from October, 2018.










SIM card supports voice call and data transfer through mobile communications. Since previous SIM Socket is no longer produced, We, M3 MOBILE, are scheduled to replace as new socket. The new socket has changed pattern of PCB part, therefore the direction of card insertion is changed.

To insert SIM card, Please remove battery cover on the rear of the device and pull out the battery. The back of the SIM card can be connected to dual slot. There won’t be any problem regarding phone when you use changed SIM card slot.

You may address any technical issues regarding this letter by sending E-mail to , , or your local sales engineer.

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