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NO 1 DATE 11/28/2011 HIT 13262
TITLE M3 Mobile web page renewal

Dear. M3 Customers

M3 Mobile's Webpage has been renewed since October, 2010.

Please refer lists below for more details.

Main changes:

1.  Products

o  Product Categories
-We have re-categorized our products as 4 main categories for users to define purpose of device easily.(Standard, Ultra, Smart, POS)

o  Detailed information of devices
- Characteristics, Specifications, Certificates, and case studies and a lot more information about M3 Products are now available.

o  Information Download
- Product Manual: User Manual, Quick Manual, And Accessories Manual
- Certificates: Own Certificates that each devices has earn.
-Marketing information: Brochure, High definition Image file, Case study documents and etc.


2.  Business

o  Re-Categorized Business Area.
- We have re-categorized fields, where M3 Mobile’s products are widely used, also supplied short comments with reference.
- Logistics, Food and Beverage, Public and etc. (Total of 11 Categories)

o  Introduction of M3 Mobile’s Customer at Business Reference site.


3.  Introduction of Technology

o  Basic introduction of Barcode Scanner, RFID, and etc


Other than those parts mentioned above, many change has been applied to it, please feel free to use our brand new webpage.

And please let us know any parts, where you might find inconvenience by leaving notice on Inquiry notice board.

Thank you.



Information Technology Team of M3 Mobile



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