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NO 20 DATE 11/29/2013 HIT 4047

In order to replace M3 GREEN with M3 OX10+ CE, one of the most important factors is compatibility of the work application. In the following cases, the work application may require modifications.


1.     Scanner is directly controlled from the work application.

l  If the work application is developed with UNI SDK, it may not need modification.

2.     Camera is directly controlled from the work application.

l  M3 OX10+ CE is added on UNI SDK v.1.1.1. Application developed with UNI SDK will run on all M3 MOBILE PDAs.

3.     Data Communication over 2G/3G is used.

l  Since M3 GREEN and M3 OX10+ CE uses the different module, application need modification.

4.     Retrieving device serial number.

l  M3 OX10+ CE needs different method of retrieving GUID.

For your additional information, MiniSD slot used in M3 GREEN is no longer available for sourcing. Discontinue date of M3 GREEN will be informed later.


Should you need application compatibility test, please contact your account manager or register your enquiry on ITC webpage (

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