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Android OS
  1. Android OS has two categories named as GMS(Google Mobile Services) and Non GMSNon.
GMS device
  1. Normally, this is for using some of APP like Google map, play store and so on.
    But now day Google support Enterprise business and it called as Android for Works or Android EMM.
    This full of services need GMS certification from Google.
Non GMS device
  1. If customer want to use only Android OS without Google services, non GMS OS is possible for using.
    This OS does not contain any Google Apps and Android EMM.
    For example customer has all of application and system that is running in Android OS without Google services,
    customer can choose non GMS OS.
OS classification and support
Windows OS Android OS
OS or security patch update Annually or when it needs update AER devices : every 3 months
Non GMS and GMS without AER : every 4 months
Period of support Until EOL(End Of Life) Until EOL + 2 years
  1. * AER : Android Enterprise Recommended
Security patch guide
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ITC Site
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